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PostSubject: Remy!   Sun Oct 04, 2009 2:20 pm

name: Remy
Age: 6
Gender: male
Crush: Gina
Friends: Bella, Bobby, Brigitte, and the other dogs.
Couldn't find a good photo. Just he is a black wild dog (Not a wolf, a stray)

Remy was born a few months after the beginning of world war 2. His mother was killed by a bullet, and he walked alone as a puppy. He found a whole line of German soldiers and dogs. The chief dog didn't accept him, but his mate Brigitte and her son Rex did. Remy learned German language (people hear his talking in barking) so he could communicate with other dogs. As he grows up he becomes one of the beast dogs in the German army. He forgot that he was a wild dog, so he thought that Brigitte was his mother, and Henry his father. Henry wasn't soft, he was more than the opposite. One night Brigitte mysteriously dies. Remy is sad but he moves on. A few months later he gets in a fight with dogs taht we're protecting their land (I don't know how are the soldiers called in English). One female dog named Gina hits him hard, so he loses contches. When he wakes up, he is in their teritory, as an enemy. As he spends days there, Remy lernes that he was "playing for the wrong team" so they begin to trust him. Everyone did accept for Gina's father, he chief of thr dogs. He didn't like his Daughter to be around a German dog. (A lot of thigs happen, Remy later becomes a general of dogs, and By fighting with Henry killes him, so Rex is the general, and his helper is Claudia the moast beutifal dog in the German army, Remy's is Gina). Remy findes out a lot of secrets, but... Through the roleplays.

Skills: He is fast, strong, inteligent, resorcefull... Al the best, sometimes desn't think before doing something. He is caring when it comes to females.

Note: Roleplayes with Remy must be related to world war 2.
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